Overnight stay on Klein Curaçao

Private boat trip for a minimum of 4 people

Really a magical experience

Klein Curaçao, a magically beautiful island. Bounty white beach and clear blue water, you can't get enough of this. In order to enjoy this experience for as long as possible, All Boat Charters Curaçao offers a unique experience to sleep on Klein Curaçao! Do you really want to experience the Expedition Robinson experience? That is now possible!

Make your own fire, take care of your own shelter and live a day and night on an uninhabited island. This is all possible with us. When the afternoon is almost over, all tourists sail back to Curaçao and you and your friends and family are left behind on this bounty island.

You prepare for the evening by making a fire and preparing a delicious meal on the BBQ grill or just directly on the campfire. Do you like fish? Then you can even choose to go fishing with All Boat Charters Curaçao during the day, so that you can eat your catch it in the evening. It can't be islandisher than this. You prepare the sleeping quarters by hanging the hammocks in the wooden fishermen's cabins. Here you will really spend a night!

When the sun goes down, you see the magical sky full of stars. Because there are no lights in the area, you really experience what the sky. In the meantime, enjoy a nice drink and taste the casual atmosphere on a uninhabited island.

Spend the night on Klein Curaçao

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Enjoy fully under the sun

Not only the sunset is beautiful but also the sunrise. Slowly you see the sun rise and it becomes light. With a bit of luck you can see dolphins swim by and you can see sea turtles. The clear blue sea keeps nothing secret. Then have a nice breakfast by the rising sun and talking about the fantastic night you were able to experience together.

All Boat Charters Curaçao ensures that all necessities of hammocks etc. are included. You can take your food and drinks with you, but if you prefer to relinquish this, it is no problem.

After breakfast you can take a nice refreshing dip in the sea or take a walk on Klein Curaçao. Of course you enjoy the silence around you, there are no other people on the island! Are you a diver or can you kite surfing? Klein Curaçao is extremely perfect for this. Feel free to take your diving gear with you and you will be amazed by the beautiful fish and special coral reefs.

Swimming with turtles?

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You really don't want to miss this..

Did you know that Klein Curaçao is one of the best places to spot sea turtles? They often come swimming in large numbers and you see how these special animals live under water.

This experience you may not miss and of course you can book it at All Boat Charters Curaçao! Book your unique trip right away and imagine yourself in the world of life on an uninhabited island. After receiving your reservation, we will contact you to discuss all your wishes with regard to food, drinks and other supplies that we can arrange for this unique trip!