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Great that you are interested in All Boat Charters Curaçao and in particular who I am. My name is Zeno, founded on beautiful Curaçao and the proud owner of All Boat Charters.

From an early age I have loved the sea around Curaçao. Nothing is better for me than sailing on one of my boats and enjoying everything you see. At the age of eight I started wakeboarding. As a boy this seemed super fun and cool to do and luckily, I turned out to have a talent for it.

After practicing this sport for many years, I decided to continue in this branch. First I needed to learn how to sail and get the licenses. After that I set up a wakeboard school in 2004. This turned out to be a great success!

From various companies I was asked whether I wanted to sail as a captain on their ships and do tours with tourists. With a wakeboard school I was flexible and could sail. As a result, I learned all the beautiful places around Curaçao and received many compliments from the companies that hired me but also from the tourists. This has taught me what is important in this profession and how I can guarantee quality and perfect service. 

From that moment on I knew I love sailing forever. The enthusiasm of the people on your boat and of course being allowed to show the special sea around Curaçao. Nothing is more fun for me than being allowed to sail every day! At that time I decided to buy my own yacht. I completely renovated this myself so that it was suitable for doing tours. 

So my wakeboard company expanded slowly to where I am now. I offer various tours where there is a suitable charter for every tour and I think it is important that everyone is enjoying themselves. 

Do you feel like going out with All Boat Charters Curaçao soon and go fishing, diving, snorkeling and/or visiting Klein Curaçao? Then I'll see you soon! 


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