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Every Saturday we depart at 9:00AM

Join us on our luxurious Catamaran Yacht for an unforgettable journey and discover Klein Curaçao like never before. In approximately 1 hour sailing we arrive at Klein Curacao. Once we are there you can enjoy from a delicious brunch, luxurious BBQ lunch and a variety of drinks throughout the day. Explore the island’s stunning spots, dive into azure blue water, unwind at pearly white beaches or simply lounge on our luxury catamaran yacht.

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Klein Curacao with the Gold Seahorse

klein curacao beach

Klein Curaçao

Do you like luxury and space? Then you want to come with us to Klein Curaçao

With the Gold Seahorse we depart every Saturday at 9:00 am with an intimate group to Klein Curaçao for a wonderful day at sea and beach.

Klein Curaçao

Ever dreamed of pearly white beaches and an azure blue sea? In short, the most beautiful bounty island in the world? There really is such a special island and it is called Klein Curaçao! This beautiful island is located about 10 kilometers south of Curaçao. It is approximately three square kilometers in size and completely uninhabited. So you really feel like you are on a ‘deserted island’ where you are amazed. If you go on holiday to Curaçao, a visit to Klein Curaçao is a must. You should not miss this uninhabited island with a white beach and a perfect blue sea where the most beautiful animals live underwater. You will not find a more tropical holiday feeling than on Klein Curaçao. You can only get there by boat and All Boat Charters Curaçao sails there!

Amazing white beaches

After about an hour and a half sailing you will reach one of the most beautiful uninhabited islands of the world, Klein Curaçao. A few kilometers before the island you can already see the lighthouse and the shipwreck. You will also find small wooden huts, which are used by the local fishermen. When you come from the Klein Curaçao you often see large turtles swimming and beautiful fish.


Klein Curaçao Daytrip

Do you like snorkeling and diving? Then you are lucky! From beautiful coral reefs to the most unusual fishes and underwater caves, you’ll find it all here! Because you are not dependent on unknown groups at All Boat Charters Curaçao, you decide where and how long you want to stay. So you can book a trip Klein Curaçao all day or just to sail by and take a dive, you decide! Our captain can tell you the most interesting facts about this particularly beautiful island, Klein Curaçao.

Do you want a tasty BBQ on the boat in between? No problem, we will take the BBQ with food. Make your day trip to Klein Curaçao complete with the service of All Boat Charters Curaçao!

You can also take a beautiful walk on the island. When you are walking you will discover why the name Klein Curaçao is appropriate for this island. The island structure and seabed is exactly the same as on Curaçao. The south coast of the island is quiet and the north coast is a rougher area due to the Northeast Trade.

You will also find here a large, half-gone wreck of a tanker that stranded there decades ago. But a few ships are also stranded here. Because of this, beautiful and special animal species live above water and under water. Then you can walk to the lighthouse, there is a small “church”, here you can see the history of Klein Curaçao.

Do you not want to miss this beauty? Then book your unique trip to Klein Curaçao with All Boat Charters Curaçao and enjoy to the max!

klein curacao lighthouse

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