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4 hours

Discover more fishing grounds with the 4 hour tour with friends and family. The fishing trip includes all fishing equipment, bait, sandwiches, soft drinks, water and beer. Possible to take fish home for dinner.

Fishing trip 4 hours

$ 599.00



◦ Salami on toast
◦ Brie/cheese on toast
◦ Cheese cubes
◦ Nachos and salsa

◦ Potato salad
◦ Beef tenderloin
◦ Loin ribs USA
◦ Chicken
◦ Baguette with herb butter
◦ Prawn crackers

◦ Mayonnaise
◦ Ketchup
◦ Peanut sauce

◦ Pineapple
◦ Melon

◦ Cola / Cola Zero
◦ Sprite
◦ Fruit juice
◦ Water

◦ Beer (polar)
◦ Rum
◦ White wine (chardonnay)

Anything else on request.


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Voor vragen kun je ons bereiken via: +5999 6990781

Cancellation Policy

If you want to cancel, please do so at least 72 hours in advance. Otherwise we are forced to charge a 50% cancellation fee.

However, there are always risks that we cannot prevent due to the nature of the event(s). These may include boarding and alighting hazards, weather-related hazards, banana/tube hazards, other water sports activities, and sudden movements.

These risks include the possibility of personal injury or death and the possibility of damage to personal items.

You hereby agree to take responsibility for your actions on board and to indemnify All Boat Charters and their crews and companies from all claims of personal injury, death or property damage. Our boat trips are at your own risk.