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Westpoint beach hopping

Go west of the island and explore all the beaches Curaçao has in a private 8-hour boat trip and enjoy a great BBQ on one of your favorite beaches. You will have an unforgettable experience. Go to the west of the island and discover all the beaches that Curaçao has to offer during a private 8-hour boat trip, including a delightful BBQ on one of your favorite beaches. We start with a visit to Kokomo, where we stay for half an hour. Then we head to Porto Mari, pass by Daaibooi, and sail on to Cas Abou. We conclude the tour with an exquisite BBQ at Kokomo. Other beaches can be discussed upon request. Experience an unforgettable day! 

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Westpoint beach hopping boat tour

Private boat trip for a minimum of 4 people

Westpoint Curaçao boat tour

Do you want to enjoy clear blue seas and the beautiful nature of Curaçao? You can find this in the West of Curaçao. Via the south coast of Curaçao you sail to the West with All Boat Charters. Here you will find the most beautiful nature and unique beaches and bays. Many well-known beaches of Curaçao lie along this coastline and can therefore be viewed well by boat. Do you also want to walk on one of these beautiful beaches during the cruise? No problem, we will just moor!

A tour to Westpunt is a special way to experience the beautiful beaches of Curaçao and you can do great snorkeling or diving everywhere. You will find the clearest waters here. With our captain you decide what time you want to leave and what you want to see along the way. Are you not sure yet what you want to see? The captain of All Boat Charters Curaçao can tell you exactly what the nicest hotspots are during this tour to the Westpoint of Curaçao.

Would you like to see sea turtles? Then we stop at Playa Piskadó where almost always turtles swim because local fishermen throw the remains of the fish here. This ensures that the turtles always swim along the coast and you can admire these special animals in their natural habitat.


Beautiful bays

The nice thing about the Westpunt tour is that we can moor almost anywhere and you and your company can even grab a lunch on the land in between. Our motto is that your wishes are paramount this day. We can also provide you with a delicious meal on board while you can enjoy the beautiful view.

The West is characterized by unspoilt nature, the many bays and the mountains in the distance. It is a tour that you should not miss! No matter how small or large your group is, it doesn’t matter because we can take groups of up to 22 people on this tour. Are you cozy with a small group? That is also not a problem because we believe that everyone should have had the opportunity to see the beautiful Curaçao by boat.

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Sail with us to Westpoint Curaçao!

The great thing about our Westpunt tour is that there are many special places that we can go to. Think of the Blue Room where you swim in a cave that glows completely clear blue when the sun shines on it. Did you know that you can snorkel very nicely in this cave? There are many beautiful fish. So in addition to the many beautiful bays, you can also admire exceptional natural phenomena!

Don’t you want to miss this special trip to Westpunt Curaçao? Book this private tour quickly and we will immediately arrange what you want to see!


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